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The Ramparts at SunriseGog Lake CreekGog Lake during First SnowMorning Light on Windy Ridge at Assiniboine Provencial ParkReflection in Mouse Ponds below Mt. AssiniboineSnow Paths for Mount Assiniboine LodgesReflection of Rockies in Mouse PondsPlant Detail on Wonder PassEarly Snow in Kananaskis CountryMount Assiniboine Northwest FaceHiker Reaches Top of Windy RidgePhotographer on Nub Ridge overlooking Mt AssiniboineView from Nub Ridge overlooking Mt AssiniboineThe Marshall from Nub RidgeSunburst LakeMountain StreamSeven Veils Falls Near Lake O'HaraOn the Shore of Lake O'HaraLake O'Hara from Lake Oesa TrailLake Mary & Lake O'Hara from Opabin Prospect

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