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Red Tailed Hawk
Two Pelicans at RestTwo Pelicans At RestDouble Crested Cormorant chases another with Pipe FishMale Pelican at Different Stages of Mating PlumageHeron Catches Pipe Fish at Elkhorn SloughHeron Catches Pipe Fish at Elkhorn SloughLoon on the WaterMigrating Snow Geese at Sacramento Wildlife RefugeMale Pelican in Mating PlumageFlock of Snow Geese in FlightFlock of Snow Geese in FlightSnow Geese Landing at the Sacramento Wildlife RefugeThree Snow Geese at RestGroup of Snow GeeseFlock of Snow Geese at RestSnow Geese at RestSnow Geese Mother and Young at RoustSnow Geese at RoustMigrating Snow Geese at the Sacramento Wildlife RefugeSnow Geese in Landing Approach

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