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Burning Man Cargo Cult Entrance Sign for Year 2013 by Mad DogCathedral of Celestial MATHgic by Ilya PieperMerKaBa by Michael EmeryMerKaBa by Michael EmeryCrash Site Alpha-13 by AphidoideaNexicon by Gary StadlerNexicon by Gary StadlerSpiraire by Gary StadlerEl Diabla by Crimson Rose and the Iron MonkeysEl Diabla by Crimson Rose and the Iron MonkeysCoyote by Bryan TedrickCoyote by Bryan TedrickCoyote by Bryan TedrickCoyote by Bryan TedrickGoddesscraft by Steven eye and Solar Culture- from TucsonRacken! by Tyler  FuQuaCradle of "Mir" by Alexander Mironov, Sema Payain, Denis Harley and the "Empty Hills" crewPhotoChapel by Mike GarlingtonPhotoChapel by Mike GarlingtonPhotoChapel by Mike Garlington

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Guestbook for Burning Man 2013
This is an amazing gallery. Sooo fun to look at!
Thanks for sharing!!!
Oh - forgot to mention: Number 14 is just perfect. Amazing! Love it.
Maybe you guys could make calendars?
Once again, these are gorgeous! Bizarre subjects in an unusual location that are beautifully photographed. Every year when I look at these, I wish they could be seen by anyone and everyone, such as a collection of them published in an artsy coffee table book , but I found several out there already. So, I'm glad that you annually send the link to your photographs. Thank you for sharing these Wendell and Jan.
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